Bushwakka Extreme 360°

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Whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach, camping or working in the elements the Bushwakka Extreme 360° has the cover that you need.


The Extreme Range has a robust aluminium ENDO frame design made to withstand some of Australia's harshest conditions whilst also allowing the strength required for a truly freestanding awning.


Features & Inclusions:

  • 2x Extreme180 Awnings with a rear fill-in piece!
  • Don't let your rear tailgate get in the way of maximum coverage
  • 2x Built in LED Light Arms with both white and amber switches (5m cord with a 12V accessory plug) on each 180 Awning
  • 900 Denier Polyester Canvas, Waterproof and UV50+
  • PVC cover bag
  • Aluminium square tube framing
  • Black ENDO frame, backing plate and arms
  • A lot of m2 Coverage
  • 2 x Built in leg on each 180 Awning
  • 4 x Quick release rope ratchets to tension your awning
  • Rain tie down points to create a gutter in adverse weather
  • 23 Kg’s 200(L) x 18(H) x 15(W)cm in bag on each side (46kg total weight)
  • One man setup and pack down - in non-adverse weather conditions
  • 4 x Standard L-Bracket style bracket – Will require rust treatment using lanolin spray
  • 304 Stainless steel bolts – Will require rust treatment using lanolin spray


Bushwakka Awnings are designed primarily for sun shade and not for heavy rain events. While the Awnings are made with water-resistant materials, they are not waterproof. It is important to note that during heavy rain or extreme weather conditions, we recommend taking necessary precautions to protect your Awning and gear. Please use caution and always follow recommended guidelines for setup and usage of the Awnings in order to ensure the best possible experience.