Bushwakka Tyre Deflators (Deflatanators)

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The Bushwakka Tyre Deflatanators excel in deflating tires at twice the speed of conventional valve removal tire deflators. They offer a convenient "set and forget" method, thanks to a locking ring that preserves your preset pressure for future use. Automatically ceasing deflation at your chosen PSI (ranging from 15 to 30 psi), these Deflatanators provide a hassle-free experience. The Bushwakka Tyre Deflatanators are not only compact, lightweight, and user-friendly but also boast top-notch features.

With an anti-corrosive coating on a nickel-plated body, a laser-etched gauge for precise pressure readings, and high-quality stainless steel internal components, they ensure superior performance. Additionally, they come with a handy neoprene pouch for easy storage.